Hustle U Shadow Opps


Opps is short for Opportunities!

Hustle University’s Shadow Opps is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to shadow Hotep and the Hustle U team to see the inner workings of the business and what occurs behind-the-scenes. Learn the secrets to our success firsthand!

During a Shadow Opp, you will accompany Hotep and the HU team on one of our exciting tour dates where we are booked to speak and market our products/ services.



You will witness exactly how we:

  • Prepare for an event

  • Negotiate long-term contracts

  • Find and focus on the hottest leads

  • Use marketing materials as weapons

  • Sell products in bulk (without being salesy)

  • Close deals on-the-spot

  • Pack the room

  • Lock-in repeat business

  • Double and triple sales

  • Troubleshoot and fix problems or miscalculations

  • Use our brand to increase value

  • Have customers nearly begging for our services

  • Secretly sell from the stage

  • Always close an event on a high note

  • …and MORE


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