PHD Program

At Hustle U, we provide an intense, no-nonsense curriculum designed to help entrepreneurs monetize their expertise and experiences their own authentic manner.

Our masterclasses cover 5 main areas:
Book Publishing
Professional Speaking
Coaching/ Consulting
Personal Branding
Marketing & Sales

fade-leftfade-rightIncluded in the PHD (Professional Hustler's Degree) Program:

Monthly Group Coaching Call: Hustle U Night School

hu-night-school-iconGet on the live group coaching call one evening a month with HU President, Hotep! Hear the progress, challenges and successes of the other PHD members and get all of your specific questions answered. Perfect for those who have a day job, children or who are most productive at night!

Live Training Event: The Hustle U Dojo

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Before you invest any more time, money and energy in your business idea, come to the Hustle U Dojo! The Dojo is a unique entrepreneur success training that’ll put MUSCLE into your HUSTLE! This “no holds barred”, hardcore success bootcamp is designed to explain the intangibles and little-known reasons for success (and failure). Most business classes DON’T teach this information.

Live Training Event: Education Consultant Bootcamp

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The Education Consultant Bootcamp is a private, full-day training strictly for education and youth service professionals who are interested in building their own consulting practice.  This event is specifically for PROFESSIONALS who wish to share their unique solutions for transforming the lives of others with schools, colleges and family advocacy agencies.

Live Training Event: Authors & Speakers Academy

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The HU Authors & Speakers Academy is a full-day bootcamp for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs to help them monetize their expertise, experience and ideas by writing a book and getting paid to speak. This is strictly a business model and strategy to increase streams of income and leverage ones knowledge by creating multi-media PRODUCTS, PRESENTATIONS and PROGRAMS.

Live Training Event: Brand Your Swag (Personal Branding Workshop)

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Learn the proven secrets to build your own six-figure empire AND eliminate your competition through personal branding. In this workshop, we will take you step-by-step through the process of creating an outstanding brand. Our proven method will show how to establish “competitive advantage” in any industry and create a brand so strong and unique that NO ONE can duplicate it! Then, we’ll show how to connect that brand with the right audience and GET PAID!

Live Training Event: Marketing & Sales Mastery

event sales iconSimply the BEST real-world marketing and sales strategies you’ll find! Bring your entire sales team to this one; and watch your closing ratio increase and bottom-line soar! The HU Marketing & Sales Class is a hands-on training for entrepreneurs at all levels and in any business. We'll show you WHY and also HOW to improve your marketing, decrease your expenses and increase your PROFITS! If you want to make more money, or just want to become a better salesperson THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

Live Event: Hustle U Homecoming

event huhc icon Hustle University Homecoming is a private annual reunion and celebration of local tastemakers and trendsetters who helped build Atlanta into the flourishing Entrepreneurial and Entertainment capital that it is today. HUHC is an invite-only celebration to be held in the Fall as an opportunity for Atlanta’s movers and shakers to: Recognize and Reconnect.

Online Video Training: The Hustler's Mindset

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What makes HU so unique is that we teach entrepreneurship as a mindset (not a skillset). This intense, no-nonsense video series is designed to help entrepreneurs successfully navigate business ownership by teaching The Hustler’s Mindset and applying tested and proven strategies that bring RESULTS!

Online Video Training: Brand Your Swag

brand your swag iconAuthentic Entrepreneurship is a Hustle University specialty! Brand Your Swag is our definitive process for building a brand so unique, it will Clarify your value, Target your perfect audience and Eliminate your competition. This video training is accompanied by a workbook that is also found in our members area.

Online Video Training: Education Consultant Bootcamp

education consultant bootcamp iconLearn how to do business with organizations and secure contracts with companies! This video series provides extremely detailed and little-known strategies for building a successful consulting practice. It ties together many of the other trainings by showing how product creation, writing books, speaking and a strong brand can all lead to 1 BIG BUSINESS!

Online Video Training: Authors & Speakers Academy

authors-speakers academy iconMonetize your expertise, ideas and experiences by putting them in a book and speaking your message. This comprehensive video series covers EVERYTHING you need to know to: write, publish & sell massive quantities of your book AS WELL as how to get paid for speaking about what you know or do best!

Online Video Training: The Hustle U Dojo

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The HU Dojo seminar series features videos from the variety of hardcore dojo presenters. Watch and learn the variety of systems that successful entrepreneurs have in place to stay focused, maximize efficiency, increase profits, manage time and more! This video series is guaranteed to put more MUSCLE into your HUSTLE!

Online Video Training: Marketing & Sales Mastery

sales training icon2 This series of videos covers everything you need to increase your bottomline: Creating a great sales pitch, Improving your sales ratio, Selecting the right marketing opportunity, Killer promotional items and ideas, How to drive traffic to your point of sale, Display and sales ideas: what works and what DOESN’T and much more. Take notes, start applying these tactics NOW and share with your entire sales team!

Downloadable Book: The Hustler’s 10 Commandments

H10-CD1-300x297The Hustler’s 10 Commandments is the official entrepreneur’s Constitution! It shares the  top 10 mindset shifting strategies for success in any business. The Hustler’s 10 combines corporate best practices, ancient wisdom and guerrilla tactics for today’s independent-minded entrepreneur. Often compared to “Think and Grow Rich” and “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

Downloadable Book: Hustle While You Work

HWYW-CD1-300x297Use your 9 to 5 to jumpstart your 5 to 9! Improving on the concept of Multiple Streams of Income and “moonlighting”, Hustle While You Work is the definitive guidebook for entrepreneurs who’d like to use their job to leverage their BUSINESS.

Keep your day job… and Hustle While You Work!

Downloadable Book: The Hustler’s Gospel

HG-CD1-300x297The Hustler’s Gospel is an explanation of Universal Laws of true Wealth & Power. It reveals the world-view of empowerment and self-actualization by sharing 7 paths to creating personal and professional success.

A person can literally transform their life no matter what their current condition! Imagine a more urban and business-centered version of “Purpose Driven Life”.

Downloadable Book: How to Sell Water to a Whale

wtw-3d-300x300How to Sell Water to a Whale contains 40 tried, tested and proven sales tactics THAT ACTUALLY WORK! They can be applied in the office, at trade shows, on the streets and even online. These sales techniques can be used to sell anything; and most will cost you absolutely nothing!

Start implementing these tactics immediately and watch your sales soar, your profits peak and your success rate increase in all areas of your life! (You might even be able to sell water to a whale.)

Downloadable Workbook: Brand Your Swag

BYS-Book-300x295Brand Your Swag takes the user through a step-by-step process of creating an outstanding brand (including: name, logo and slogan). It shows how to create a brand so strong and unique that NO ONE can compete or duplicate it! P-Diddy, Oprah and Donald Trump have all built their empires by using this same process.

This workbook will take you through a patented system for successful, profitable brand building. DO YOU and GET PAID!

Downloadable Book: KNOW THE LEDGE

KTL-3d-image-picIn life, it’s not the hand that you’re dealt…but how you play with your cards.

Know the Ledge is the most comprehensive collection of transformational mindset shifting beliefs for the contemporary self-starter. Never before has an empowering system been delivered in such a concise, relevant and practical manner. Know the Ledge is designed specifically to help people “help themselves” by sharing a mindset that enables individuals from all backgrounds to address any challenge in a strategic manner and overcome common social issues faced by today’s go-getter (poverty, naysayers, dysfunctional thinking, fear and doubt, criminal history, staying focused, time management, bad habits, negative environment, lack of resources, debt…..etc). Know the Ledge provides a unique approach to life that allows the reader to thrive in the face of any adversity, and navigate challenges in a way that leads to sustained success.

Downloadable Book: Hustle & Grow Rich

HAGR-3d-book-small-jpgMost “self-help” books discuss the importance of positive and intentional thoughts. And while it is true that we must master our mind, reaching our goals takes more than THINKING about it, WISHING for it, PRAYING about it or DREAMING about it. True and sustainable success requires ACTION!

Hustle & Grow Rich is a collection of the world’s greatest, action-based success strategies as taught by revolutionary Hustle University founder, Hotep. After writing 15 books and two decades of teaching what is formally known today as “The Hustler’s Gospel”, Hotep asked one of his brightest and most perceptive students to scribe what she thought were the most important strategies HU teaches. Then, he invited his closest disciples to share the life-changing lessons they’ve learned as well.

What resulted is an epic manifesto, power-packed with invaluable wisdom and practical strategies that bring RESULTS!

4-Part Audio Class:The Hustler’s Guide to Publishing and Getting Paid

HGTPdvdcover-front-small-300x256 (1)The Hustler’s Guide to Publishing is a 4-class program for those who want to Create, Publish and/or Sell media products (Books, CDs, DVDs). These 4 Audio Classes teach our systematic approach that makes the process SIMPLE, FAST and PROFITABLE!

Also comes with 4-course outline in an E-Book.


Audio Class and eBook: Romance and Finance

Romance-Finance-3D-CD-package-JPEG-240x300There are systems designed for business success, financial success and weight-loss success; but there has never been a system designed for successful relationships……UNTIL NOW.

Romance and Finance is the first-ever systematic approach to successful relationships.

Audio Class And eBook: How to Turn Pain to Power

Power-to-Pain-3d_SEAL-300x300Pain to Power is a revolutionary program that gives new meaning to the phrase, “what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger.” It shows how to turn negative feelings and
experiences into an over-flowing fountain of positive power.

Turning Pain to Power is a little-known success strategy used by many of the world’s celebrities and most influential and wealthy people. Once you learn this, it’ll open your eyes to a whole new world of healing and business opportunities that have been literally sitting right under your nose!

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