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fade-leftfade-rightLearn to Sell Water to a Whale!

Heavy marketing DOES NOT equal great sales!

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product, service or brand to consumers for the purpose of selling it.

Sales is the actual exchange of money for a good or a service. Sales positions are some of the highest paying jobs in the world. A good salesperson can make as much money as they want.

Entrepreneurs spend tons of time and money on marketing, but often find their sales to be a major disappointment. We'll show you WHY and also HOW to improve your marketing, decrease your expenses and increase your PROFITS!

The HU Marketing & Sales Class is a hands-on training for entrepreneurs at all levels and in any business. If you want to increase your income, or just want to become a better salesperson THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!


Smart-Idea-150x150Creating a great sales pitch

Smart-Idea-150x150Increasing the amount you make per sale

Smart-Idea-150x150Improving your sales ratio

Smart-Idea-150x150Selecting the right marketing opportunity

Smart-Idea-150x150Killer promotional items and ideas

Smart-Idea-150x150Picking the best table/booth location for maximum traffic

Smart-Idea-150x150How to get free or reduced marketing opportunities

Smart-Idea-150x150How to drive traffic to your point of sale

Smart-Idea-150x150Display and sales ideas: what works and what DOESN’T

Smart-Idea-150x150Turning a “No” into a “YES”

Smart-Idea-150x150Deciding if a marketing opportunity is worth it

Smart-Idea-150x150Making selling easier and more fun

Smart-Idea-150x150The checklist that every exhibitor needs

Smart-Idea-150x150Reducing the amount of inventory without reducing sales


Hustle University president and branding master, Hotep is the trainer for this bootcamp.

Next Bootcamp Details

Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2017
Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter At Ravinia
Conference Center
4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
Atlanta, GA 30346


Nicholas "Redd" Scott, Sr.

Nicholas "Redd" Scott Sr. is a leader in sales training, business marketing and customer service consulting. He is the owner of  and dean of Sales and Marketing for Hustle University. He is the author of the sales book for the apartment leasing Industry entitled, “12 Habits of Great Apartment Leasing Consultants”.  Nicholas’ life motto is "Don't Sell It, Serve It because Service Equals Sales".


Hustle U president and founder Hotep built his infamous reputation on his legendary guerilla marketing and promotion tactics. Most notable is his ability to combine best practices from different business industries, small and corporate both on and off-line.

Hotep’s out-the-box approach has helped him retire from his day job at age 37 and build Hustle University from scratch into a highly profitable, six-figure earning company.



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