No more vision boards and new year’s resolutions…enter the DOJO!

According to Forbes, the number of small-business closings exceeded the number of start-ups for the first time this year. Why do they say so many new businesses fail?

Entrepreneurs are their own worst enemy.

Don’t become another statistic.

Before you invest any more time, money and energy in your business idea, come to the Hustle U Dojo! This “no holds barred”, hardcore success bootcamp is designed to explain the intangibles and little-known reasons for success (and failure). Most business classes DON’T teach this information.


Saturday, January 13th, 2018
Hyatt Place Atlanta/ Cobb Galleria
2876 Spring Hill Pkwy SE,
Smyrna, GA 3008

About Hotep


Hotep describes his journey through entrepreneurship as “that of the individual who could never find a way…but learned to MAKE A WAY”. He spent over 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars on failed dreams and bad ideas. But he continued to FIGHT! Today, Hotep is president and founder of HustleUniversity.Org.

His award-winning teachings, books and programs are known across the world. His unique, “no-nonsense” brand of empowerment affords him wealth, prestige and (best of all) the actualization of his life’s purpose. Hotep is known as the “Business Abolitionist” and considers entrepreneurship as the key to freedom for all people.

His life’s work is dedicated to teaching people how to fight for their own success, on their own terms.


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