No more vision boards and new year’s resolutions…enter the DOJO!

According to Forbes, the number of small-business closings exceeded the number of start-ups for the first time this year. Why do they say so many new businesses fail?

Entrepreneurs are their own worst enemy.

Don’t become another statistic.

Before you invest any more time, money and energy in your business idea, come to the Hustle U Dojo! This “no holds barred”, hardcore success bootcamp is designed to explain the intangibles and little-known reasons for success (and failure). Most business classes DON’T teach this information.


Common ideas most entrepreneurs have completely BACKWARDS.

How to focus and avoid overwhelm.

Non-traditional indicators/ predictors to business success.

Why Money and Education have little to do with business success.

How to do more with less.

Tactics for highly productivity and improved results.

What top-earners do differently than others and how they think.

How to manage time and avoid burn-out.


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Saturday, January 14th, 2017
Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter At Ravinia
Conference Center
4355 Ashford Dunwoody Rd
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Hotep describes his journey through entrepreneurship as “that of the individual who could never find a way…but learned to MAKE A WAY”. He spent over 15 years and tens of thousands of dollars on failed dreams and bad ideas. But he continued to FIGHT! Today, Hotep is president and founder of HustleUniversity.Org.

His award-winning teachings, books and programs are known across the world. His unique, “no-nonsense” brand of empowerment affords him wealth, prestige and (best of all) the actualization of his life’s purpose. Hotep is known as the “Business Abolitionist” and considers entrepreneurship as the key to freedom for all people.

His life’s work is dedicated to teaching people how to fight for their own success, on their own terms.


Devin Robinson

After being told that all of his ideas were already thought about so there was no need for him to make suggestions, Devin Robinson set out to become a full-time entrepreneur. He was working for MCI WorldCom at the time as a network engineer making close to $100,000 annually. The company was going through a $9 billion dollar accounting scandal, the largest accounting scandal in American history and Devin wanted to assist. After seeing that his input wasn’t valued, he voluntarily resigned; a move that management said he would regret seeing that the dot com era was coming to an end.

Within 18 short months with no solid entrepreneur experience, and no mentor, he emerged with bumps and bruises, lost money and lessons learned but was grossing over $1 million in revenues in businesses that people urged him that blacks cannot dominate.

He is now the CEO of Beauty Supply Institute ( and Urban Business Institute ( He has opened over 75 locations in the United States and Canada. Devin has generated over $13 Million in revenues in urban communities since 2007.


Tierica Berry

Tierica Berry has explored various business ventures for many years and was unable to see the success she envisioned for herself. All that changed when she decided to go toe to toe with one of her worse enemies… herself!

She began aggressively fighting an uphill battle against self sabotage, defeat, and her own dis-empowered mentality. Tierica learned that her journey to finding herself, loving her uniqueness, and believing in her own potential would be one of the most challenging things she has ever had to do!

With Self doubt scrutinizing and criticizing her every move she’d finally had enough. Tierica fought her way to the top becoming a highly sought after speaker, poet, author, and authorpreneur coach. With her work being featured in magazines, newspapers, and at conferences all over the country Tierica is walking proof that Ladies are Hustler’s Too!


Luis Castro

In the early 80’s Luis responded to El Salvador’s war crisis and joined the fight against communism by enrolling the Salvadorian Military Academy. As a first year cadet, he went to fight against the uprising terrorism. Before his graduation, he had already received 2 medals for being wounded in action and 1 more medal for valor.

In 1992, after signing the peace agreement between the Salvadorian government and the terrorists, he relocated to the US with only $272.00 in his pocket. After working in landscaping, construction, door-to-door sales, mechanics and car sales, he became a drill sergeant in a juvenile boot camp in Georgia. From an entry position, during his Juvenile Justice career he was promoted 9 times in 11 years. As a facility director, he experienced two consecutive lay-offs which ultimately led Luis to set his own dream in motion.

Luis opened MAXIMIZEBIZ, a leadership development consultant company, and became a Founding Partner for The John Maxwell Team. Currently, he is a leadership consultant to Georgia state agencies, and in charge of the design and implementation of the leadership development training curriculum of an enterprise of more than a half a billion dollar budget.


Chinyere Norman

Chinyere is a Licensed Financial Strategist, Investment Advisor Representative and  Founder/CEO of Savvy Money Moves.

In an industry that is historically and currently male-dominated it was definitely a challenge to even think of becoming successful amongst her male counterparts. Very early on it became painfully evident that the industry has suffered from a lack of women, not only as Advisors but in leadership roles respectively.  Understanding that long-term success in business comes from solving problems, the industry was no longer a challenge but became a field of limitless opportunities. Chinyere identified problems that women can solve easily and began to provide solutions like creating atmospheres of trust, paying attention to details when it came to a clients’ financial goals, and nurturing clients that made poor investment or insurance coverage decisions in the past.

Now with 10 years in the industry, Chinyere is currently expanding her practice to provide other Advisors a successful platform that truly honors “people before profits”.


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