Founder: Hotep


Hotep, Business Abolitionist, MBA

Hotep is president and founder of Hustle University, the first self-help organization for entrepreneurs. He is an internationally renowned success strategist, Congressional Award-winning educator and authentic entrepreneur known for his out-the-box thinking, guerilla marketing tactics, branding expertise and his provocative, “hardcore” approach to teaching leadership, entrepreneurship and practical business best practices.

Hotep is the author of several popular empowerment books including the phenomenal classic; The Hustler’s 10 Commandments. He is also the creator of the revolutionary Outcome Progression Model, which he has used to improve performance, personal and financial outcomes for over 10,000 individuals and organizations across the world. This work has earned him nominations as a CNN Hero and for the U.S Presidential Citizen’s Award.

Also known as the Business Abolitionist, Hotep considers entrepreneurship as the key to freedom for all people. "It's either OWNERSHIP or its SLAVE SHIP!" he says.


I didn’t create the hustler’s mindset.

I’ve simply identified certain common characteristics within myself and
other bonafide go-getters
at every level from the streets to the suites.

Then I created a place for all of us who subscribe to this way of
life to congregate.

Please don’t confuse me for your average hustler. I actually happen
to be an educator by profession.

Therefore, I spend my time doing 1 of 2 things.

The hustler in me PEEPS game, the educator in me TEACHES game.

That’s why I called this place……Hustle University.

Having written books with titles like: The Hustler’s 10 Commandments, The Hustler’s Gospel
and The Hustler’s Bible, you might notice that HU shares the qualities of both a school and a church.

That’s because a person’s mindset is comprised of a combination of 2 things:
their knowledge and their beliefs.

So not only do we teach people how to better use their knowledge, at HU, we also share a
common belief system regarding ourselves, universal laws and truths.

Of course we aren’t trying to replace traditional colleges or churches. Consider HU
as a supplement to the lessons you are currently getting at school, and
the blessings you are receiving at your place of worship.

If you subscribe to the mindset of the hustler; if you’re the type of person that gets out
and creates
your own opportunities, instead of waiting for someone to give you permission.
Welcome home.

Welcome to Hustle University.

– Hotep, President and Founder