About Hustle University

Hustle- verb; to act aggressively especially in business dealings.

Hustler- noun; an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter.

Hustle University is a self-help organization that focuses on 3 core areas: Entrepreneurship, Education and Personal Development. In short, we teach people how to create their own opportunities by applying a "Hustler’s Mindset" to everything they do.


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Hustle U doesn’t just teach business, we teach Authentic Entrepreneurship. Our world-class trainings and materials are all designed to help you monetize your Expertise and Experiences through:


Personal Branding- eliminate competition and increase your market value

bullet2Target Marketing- find the right customer and expand your brand

bullet2Killer Sales Techniques- increase sales with fewer customers and less headache

bullet2Professional Speaking- get paid big money to speak about what you know best

bullet2Publishing Books- tell your story, add new streams of income to any business and establish yourself as an expert in your field


DC Alternative Ed Training- Ira Thomas-Teachers

With our Make A Way program, we provide top-notch professional development for educators and highly relevant curriculum materials for school districts throughout the U.S.


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Personal Responsibility and Accountability are the biggest reasons for success. Hustle University specializes in helping people "help themselves" by teaching the empowered mindset of the hustler. Hustlers have a unique approach to life that allows them to effectively problem-solve and thrive in the face of any adversity. Our personal development approach will help you navigate challenges and lead you to sustained success in both your Professional and Personal life.